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Services and Rates

Massage Services 

At Daniel Dommell, LMT, I would like to consider every massage I provide a masterpiece. I encourage my clients to create their own work of art; by customizing a massage that fits their personal needs. 
Massages are universally priced.

60 Minute Session - $ 70
90 Minute Session - $ 90 
First time clients, receive a $15 discount.
Clients are welcome to incorporate any of the below mentioned massage services into their session.

Relaxation/ Swedish Massage

Whether you choose the 60 or 90 minute session, the Relaxation/ Swedish Massage is exactly what you need to induce relaxation, relieve stress, and begin to work on problem areas 

Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage 

Massage using therapeutic pressure customized to your needs. Focusing on aligning the deep layers of muscles, and connective tissue, through kneading and applying slow, intense pressure. Benefits include improved range of motion, posture, stress, and pain relief. 

Hydrotherapy Massage 

Hydrotherapy Massage is a massage technique using the application of pressure, in combination with your choice of hot stones, hot towels, and or ice packs. The hot or cold treatments, along with the hot stones and their energetic properties will melt away stress, and tightness. Hot Stones are placed on the body, in addition to being used while I administer the massage. The only complaint from clients has been the difficulty in staying awake! 

**** Hot / Cold treatments are subject to availability; please confirm availability when scheduling your appointment. **** 

Mobile Services also available: 

Home / Office Massages

Great for busy people with limited time availability, or those who wish just to indulge. 

Corporate Chair Massage 

5-20 minute, clothed massage that helps improve circulation, stimulate muscles and reduce tension. Corporate Chair Massage is excellent for improving company moral, and productivity, and a creative way to simply show your employees a gesture of appreciation. 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Wellness Card
  • Independent Health Flex Fit Card
  • MVP Health Care
  • No Fault Cases

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